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IC Gayaneh Navicula nix


ragdoll, female
sealtabby mitted (RAG n 04 21)
born 02.06.2017

sire: S*Gunbertus Twin Peaks for Gayaneh (RAG n 21 04)
dam: IC Gayaneh Littorella igitur (RAG a 04 21)

Owner Kirsi Kuoppamäki (Rosa lives in a foster home)

Rosa in database of Suomen Kissaliitto
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EX 1 (lk. 12) "Suloinen vauva", Tellervo Kass - 15.10.2017 Hartola (YkkösKissat)
EX 1 (lk. 12) "Lupaava suloinen neiti ♥", Mira Fonsén - 14.10.2017 Hartola (YkkösKissat)


Kirsi Kuoppamäki
Lahti, Finland
puh. +358 40 567 9097


3.3.2019 Finnish Ragdoll Cat Club awarded ragdolls of the year 2018. For the very first time Gayaneh was among the best three breeders, the second one. Warm thanks to all who came to show their beautiful cats last year!


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