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Welcome to the website of Gayaneh ragdolls!

Gayaneh Navicula nix (RAG n 21 04) & Gayaneh Nymphaea nebula (RAG n 04) siskokset 12 viikon ikäisinä

Pitkästä aikaa pentuja odotettavissa!

Näille sivuille päivitetään aika ajoin kuulumisia. Lisäksi Facebookissa on suljettu Gayaneh-ryhmä, jonka jäseniä ovat Gayaneh-kissojen omistajat, sellaisiksi tositarkoituksella harkitsevat ja hyvät ystävät kissaharrastuksen piireistä - etenkin kasvattajat, joiden kanssa on tai voi olla yhteistyötä.

Gayaneh ragdolls

Gayaneh is focused on temperament, type and size, among the many other important properties - and appear only in traditional seal and blue colours. Tabby, also called "lynx", is the kind of passion.


Our ragdoll cats are an essential part of the family and they live with us in a spacious detached house, enjoying lots of care and love. Cats are also a nice, social hobby, including activites with friends under Suomen Kissaliitto and FIFe.

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Kittens are grown as part of our family and receive the best possible care. A kitten is ready to move to a new home not earlier than at the age of 12 weeks. Then it has received three worm treatments, has been vaccinated twice, has been examined by a vet and has got a micro chip. Gayaneh cat has a pedigree certificate and a written statement by a vet.

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Kirsi Kuoppamäki
Lahti, Finland
puh. 044-567 9097


21.6.2018 Plans for kittens after a break... Wish you a very nice summer!

22.4.2018 The third BEST IN SHOW Gayaneh: IC Gayaneh Juno Primas! And also PL*Ragissa Winnetou "Winski" was BIS :D

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